Hydro-Skincare Line

About The Hydro-Line


H20 Based Products:

💧Hydro-Toner with Antioxidants

💧Hydro-Serum with Antioxidants (Vitamin C, A, or Salicylic Acid)

💧Hydro-Gel Moisturizer/Cream with Antioxidants]


Oil Based Products:

💧Hydro-Cleansing Oil with Antioxidants

💧Hydro-Body Balm with Antioxidants

💧Hydro-Lip Balm with Antioxidants 

💧Hydro-Lip Cream with Antioxidants 


I created the hydro-line with antioxidants because no matter what skin type we have whether it’s dry, oily, combination, or normal we all need hydration and we all want anti-aging benefits automatically built into our skincare. Every single day, 365 days a year our bodies need water and nutratives, especially rich in antioxidants to keep our cells happy, healthy, and regenerating. Our skin, the body’s largest organ needs to maintain healthy levels of flora, pH, sebum, melanin, and hydration all while shedding nearly a million skin cells daily. Each skincare product from the hydro-line is designed and custom made for your unique skin following your consultation.


About The Containers

The hydro-line uses containers that are the latest technology. For the toner, serum, and gel-moisturizer, airless bottles and jars are used to keep your product free of bacteria and to prevent any exposure to air or light. This is imperative to getting the results you want for your skin. Antioxidants and vitamins can spoil quickly if not properly formulated, or if they are exposed to light or air. Oil based products such as the oil cleanser, body balm and lip balm & cream; however, hold their strength and quality even when exposed to air during use. The containers are set to their specific sizes to ensure a fresh and potent product that lasts roughly 28-30 days. My promise to you is a top-notch formulation with quality assurance every time. 

The Hydro-Line with Antioxidants FAQ
The hydro-line is for everyone and for all skin types because it is custom made for where your skin is right now and if needed adjusted until the desired result is achieved. 
•All products are vegan and cruelty free.
You can choose between oil bases or water bases.
You can choose available scents and colors (when applicable) for your product.  
•High performance ingredients are custom added to the bases to achieve the desired result. 
All ingredients are sustainably sourced. 
All ingredients are researched for the highest quality.
Some ingredients are certified organic.
All products are naturally preserved.
All ingredients are considered safe with Cosmetic Ingredient Review and The Environmental Working Group.
Your product is made fresh per order.
Your formulated products always have a money back guarantee if there is a defect in your product.


All Hydro-Line products are for external use only. Please read ingredients before use. Possible signs of allergy or skin reaction or sensitivity may occur despite all products being made with natural ingredients Stefanie Juon, ND (Holistic Beauty Doc, LLC) is not responsible nor be liable for any injuries or body reaction both internal or external, if developed.