"very high quality products. I use the tinted lip balm daily! easy to order and shipped so so quickly! the packaging is lovely to. overall my favorite lip product. a must have!" -Michelle
"I started taking Stefanie's yoga class because it's offered at my apartment complex and she is simply amazing! Her yoga class has been the highlight of my week since I started a few months ago. She is knowledgeable, super sweet, and fun! I only wish the yoga class was offered more than once a week at our complex :) She really sparked my interest back up for Yoga. It has been a pleasure taking her class & I would recommend her to anyone looking for yoga or holistic beauty options." -Brook
"I LOVE all of my beauty products from Dr. Juon! When I went in for my consultation, she explained how each product worked and what ingredients would best suit my skin type and my skin care goals. My custom skincare products were made and delivered very quickly.

I have her entire skincare program- the toner, serum, moisturizer, and body balm. I also have her tinted lip cream and lip balm. Everything smells amazing, it goes on easily and absorbs quickly, and my skin has never looked brighter and healthier!

Highly recommended if you are looking for safe, healthy, and really effective skincare products!!" -Heather

"I have been fortunate enough to be the recipient of Stefanie’s wonderful products for many years now. I was given the opportunity to try her test batches and finished samples of many products. Such as lip balm, room spray, bug spray body creams, and much more. I have rosacea and problematic skin, which hasn’t been easy to navigate in the way of skin care and cosmetics. I have been using Stefanie’s hydro balm with antioxidants on my face and can see a difference in just a few weeks. My skin is calmer as far as redness and less dry as well. I also use the balm for my hands it quickly heals the cracked skin I get from repeatedly washing my hands many times a day at my job. I love knowing I’m putting all natural ingredients on my skin that truly make a difference in my appearance. Stefanie has helped formulate not only my skin care, but is working with my diet as well, so that the food I’m eating is causing wellness inside as well as outside. Stefanie is truly passionate about using her knowledge and years of experience in creating products and time spent in the health care profession to help others. I love these products!" —Jo Ann

"Stefanie Juon’s lip balm feels luxurious, and I love the light scent of mint she added in. The ingredients are so natural. My lips feel amazing and are super moisturized throughout the day." —Sabrina

"I have known Stefanie for over ten years. I can’t imagine not having her excellent products in my life. You can’t get better quality and purity." - Connie 

"A few years ago Stefanie did a hair analysis for me and she helped me to improve my diet guided by my hair analysis. She took a substantial amount of time explaining what all of my results meant test by test and was extremely thorough. I have also used several of her products: lip balm, room and body spray, body scrub, and bug spray just to name a few and I love them all. They are all high quality products, all natural and a reasonable price. I highly recommend Stefanie for her professionalism and true passion for what she does. When someone loves what they do, as she does, they don’t mind taking extra time to ensure their clients and customers are satisfied." - Cara

"Stefanie is so genuine and caring. I absolutely adore her and her products are amazing. If you get a chance to work with her for your skin, please do." - Tela

"Stefanie, has been extremely helpful in my journey of several needs. Her skincare products give me peace of mind as they are natural & ingredients I can understand! They smell and feel great!!!! I also needed help with thinning hair or other overall health needs and Stefanie is always there for me! Anytime I have a question or concern she goes out of her way to be helpful. I did not know Stefanie and met her through an online search initially for my my hair care needs yet she shows how much she cares and loves what she does!!!! Highly recommend!!!" - Oluchi