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I help you take care of your largest organ; the skin! Healthy digestion and body detoxification pathways are key to toxin elimination. Through integrative techniques such as functional lab testing, nutrition, supplementation, life coaching and yoga, I help you to bring the gut, mind, and skin into harmony.

Conditions I Work With:
Gut health, detox pathways & methylation, inflammation, oxidative stress, anti-aging, allergies, autoimmune, infections (viruses|bacteria|yeast|mold|parasites), toxins, heavy metals, hormones (thyroid|progesterone/estrogen balance, blood sugar), eczema, itchy skin, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, hyperpigmentation, hypo-pigmentation, melasma, dark circles, rashes, skin healing, keratosis pillars, gut-skin microbiome health.

My work combines nutrition and lifestyle support with functional lab testing and supplementation when needed.

Your initial consultation Includes a 60-minute assessment and evaluation, email recap of session including personalized plan of broad, big picture goals, which serves as the basic structure of our work together, and any applicable handouts.

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Customize Your Skincare - Personalized formulations range from $26-$48

All products are made fresh per order by Dr. Juon to ensure the most potent and effective results!

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